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the sound of casual playing on a musical instrument

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play (a musical instrument) casually

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Then we gazed over the wall at our neighbours' effortless split-level horticultural eye- feast and dreamed of afternoons spent tootling around the flower beds and borders with a weed basket.
Sure, speed kills but isn't there a greater chance of a guy bombing up the A9 at 120 mph killing somebody, than a motorist tootling along at 50 mph in a 40 mph limit?
Footballer Andy Cole has taken to tootling round Manchester in this little number
A clip from a French theme park that made Drayton Manor look like Disneyworld, some cozily nostalgic 50s footage of Brits tootling off to holidays in the sun in their overcoats, a reminder of just how useless travel accessories like the 'snuggler' head rest and miniature padlocks really are, and a valiant attempt to make caravan holidays sound exciting, all came close to prompting a smile.
becomes an arresting command, we may not halt in time the stampede of humanity in its pursuit of the enchanting tootling of the Pied Piper of Doom.
Rona, a vet from York, who had been tootling on the M1 near Leeds last week, said: "Suddenly I was stuck to the front of this lorry and I was travelling sideways.
Jenson Button, tootling around in what appears to be a Honda Civic with a sexy paintjob, knows a driver can only be as good as the car he gets.
Big Ears'pal is tootling along to Southport Theatre this Sunday along with all his familiar friends.
That's because the Aircar is already a reality and has been tootling about parts of France since 1998.
Jenson Button, tootling around in what seems to be a Honda Civic with a sexy paintjob, knows a driver can only be as good as the car he gets.
The most butch of the trio, the Trax, is a one-litre urban-crossover that would be equally at home tootling round town as it would be rocking over rougher terrain.
Used by His Holiness for tootling around his holiday home in Castle Gandolfo, the metallic grey Lancia is mint and being sold on behalf of the John Paul II Centre in Krakow, Poland, with a reserve of just pounds 7k-pounds 10k.
These are for overtaking, not for tootling along wondering why everyone is flashing their headlights.
ItOs all go or Cate, 36, at the moment I the Aussie actress has signed up for a sequel to Elizabeth and is tootling off Down Under for a stint in the Sydney theatre at the end of the year.