tooth fairy

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a fairy that is said to leave money at night under a child's pillow to compensate for a baby tooth falling out

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The study also showed that kids stop believing in the tooth fairy by their eighth birthday - which is younger than the age their parents stopped believing - but will still leave their teeth under the pillow.
However, just under a fifth (18%) of parents say they were never visited by the Tooth Fairy when they were children.
Overall, the Tooth Fairy collected teeth and dropped off cash at 85 percent of households across the U.
Bow Valdez, 35, believed in the Tooth Fairy when she was a child: 'It was one of those things that added to our simple joys and excitement.
The Tooth Fairy Glass[TM] and Book will officially launch on January 15, 2015.
Our' Be a Tooth Fairy Hero' initiative gave families the opportunity to help those in need with funding for a non-profit dental clinic in their state.
Leaving gifts from the Tooth Fairy is a great way to help make losing teeth less scary and enjoyable for kids," said Bill Hupp, Delta Dental Plans Association's smiling spokesperson.
One boy in particular became extremely distressed because the tooth fairy "had put a tooth in his left ear" after he left it under his pillow.
Superb animation means we find ourselves in a fabulous fantasy world as Santa – here known as North – teams up with the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Easter Bunny and Jack Frost to thwart the evil plans of Pitch Black.
Summary: She may voice the tooth fairy in new animation Rise of the Guardians, but Isla Fisher reckons she can relate to her character.
Audrey Barlow has just lost her first tooth and is wondering if the Tooth Fairy will find her because, you see, Audrey lives in The Outback.
When Gaby hears the tooth fairy and other magical creatures aren't real, he goes to the family expert to get it straight.
The tooth fairy will easily find your tooth in the pocket of this little pillow.
Hoping for a good movie in January can be as pointless as expecting to catch a glimpse of the tooth fairy.
He's known as the Tooth Fairy [because he knocks out other players' teeth].