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Synonyms for toot

a blast of a horn

Related Words

revelry in drinking

make a loud noise

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Tooter was a jailer for Saline County in Harrisburg and also had worked at the cap factory.
And the ceramic twist figures in Tripod Tooter's cousin Twister in a bigger way, for not only is the teapot spout helically shaped, so too is the ridiculously tall neck of the vessel, twisting upward over the almost laughable volumetric nothingness of the pot itself resting on the tiny stubs of legs that are themselves the diametrical opposite of the long, elegant ones of Stilts.
The results are variously described by his friends as a pong, a trouser trumpet, a trotter, and a tooter. Using classic classroom strategy, Boris blames Dog, and continues as before.
"Brothers of a Band: Tooter's Tour of Duty" tells of Theodore Rawling, also known as Tooter, whose love of music leads him to join the Army's band so he can keep playing music.
If your old tooter sounds more like a tuba than a mallard, maybe its time for a new call.
However, standing just one metre away from a vuvuzela tooter during the match saw noise levels hit an even higher note and reached between 118 and 121 dB(A), depending on how much puff the player had.
Have you ever wondered why that new iPod seems tooter when you first get it than it does a month later?
"There were other designers who dabbled in home, but Ralph Lauren was the first designer to catch on and have staying power," said Howard Tooter, president of the Folia division.
I want to be involved from the rooter to the tooter."
You know I'm rather modest about my own abundance, but in any case, without being my own tooter, I just want to repeat what I told you here: the Catullus, along with "A" and Bottom are my three "major" works (sure add ALL when it's all in one volume).
In the second heat, Linda Atherton from Narberth with her stunning horse Sampras won from Linford (Gwatkin Evenjobb) and Tooter Scooter (Evans Brecon).
This approach was successful--the internal size increased 35%, size press and tooter holdout came into the targeted range, and all sheet quality and appearance parameters improved.
You'll pay more for Form-A-Drain than the 2x's used to form the typical tooter along with perforated round drainage pipe, but this cost can be offset with reduced labor costs: One product does two jobs.
Ms Tillie Tooter was found by chance three days later - suffering from severe dehydration and hundreds of insect bites - inside her car, which was suspended in the trees just above the swamp's snake and alligator- infested water.
The product is being touted in magazine ads as a "tooter for your hooter" and "snuff without the fuss".