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a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools

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Tool chest can easily be positioned in the top or bottom of the MCAT
The pair told at least four different stories before admitting the tool chest had been stolen from an open garage at a Lancaster home, officials said.
With Windows Vista availability, Dell is enhancing its tool chest to help customers assess, upgrade and deploy desktops and notebooks in their networked environments.
The new tool kit comes in a tool chest with wheels, a handle for easy transport, adjustable shelving, and a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty on the tool chest and a majority of the tools.
In the first incident, thieves broke into a Vauxhall Movano van in Forge Road and forced two heavy-duty padlocks from a wooden tool chest bolted to the floor of the van.
The Red Envelope Father's Day catalog has a retro tool chest made from oak that looks like something Granddad might have used on the farm.
The CRAFTLINE Product group includes a two and tree drawer portable tool chest, four, five, six, seven or nine drawer tool chests equipped with ball bearing drawer slides for problem free operation, a three drawer ball bearing equipped intermediate tool chest, three or five drawer bearing equipped roller cabinets with storage, and five, seven, eight or nine ball bearing equipped drawer roller chests.
Not to be outdone by Craftsman, the cornerstone of every tool chest, OXO has released a whole line of hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters and tape measures.
WINNETKA - An off-duty police officer was shot at but not injured early Tuesday after he followed a pickup that was dragging what turned out to be a stolen tool chest, officials said.
A handy addition to the kitchen, office, dorm room or tool chest, the ImmiX(TM) is ready to tackle most any daily maintenance chore or domestic emergency that involves nuts, bolts or screws.
When one of the big models, like the Wenger Tool Chest Plus or Victorinox's SwissChamp, is unearthed by a team of archeologists in some civilization yet to be born, one feels sorry for the guy tasked with figuring out the use of the cotton-ball remover.
Smith, a machinist on leave from his job, gets to keep his tool chest.
Revu offers exclusive time-saving tools including a customizable Tool Chest and split screen option to view two PDF files at once.
OTI becomes another significant component in NAC's tool chest of proprietary products and techniques which enhance the efficacy of all corporate communications efforts from presentation, through strategic content, to distribution.