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ride in a car with no particular goal and just for the pleasure of it


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What makes him such a tool around Wolverhampton is his ability to quicken off a slow pace, which is not a quality many hold-up performers possess, so even if this develops into a tactical affair a strong finish should be anticipated.
It's comfortable enough to tool around town in, but this Vette really speaks to experienced drivers who enjoy the beauty of a finely engineered machine, One of my favorite features is the fighter jet-like head-up display.
While his speech has pretty much returned, he needs a cane to tool around the monastery.
Place the wire in the slot in the tool and place the teeth of the tool against the post, pull as tight as you can, then pull on the handle to turn the tool around the post like two teeth in a pair of gears running against each other, but those teeth on the tool will dig into the wood of the post to give it grip to pull the wire tight.
Plus if you leave the hard work up to us, it will free up some time for you to tool around the theme parks.
Watching people tool around in buggies is worth a weekend trip only when one knows little other than cars.
If you're not up for the entire Slickrock, go out and tool around on the 2.
Other benefits of video games for physicians: "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf" is great practice in advance of your Saturday morning tee time, and you can pick the sports car of your choice to tool around in with "Gran Turismo.
After some practicing, programming and adjustments, they gave the man the keys to a Mustang and let him tool around the parking lot.
When it came to the most useless tool around the kitchen the creme brulee blow torch came top, with 83pc of the 1,004 people surveyed, followed by pasta makers, with 81pc.
The 189 member states of the United Nations General Assembly met June 25-27, 2001, and unanimously approved a document that can be an important tool around the world for urging governments and others to take responsibility for helping to control the global epidemic.
ME is expected to be utilized as both a personalized Web address and as a catchy business marketing tool around the world.
We can state with satisfaction that the Bank of Finlands BoF-PSS2 simulator has become widely established as an analysis tool around the world, said Taipalus.
The company also rents kayaks by the hour for those who just want to tool around without a guide.
For his celebrated role as PC Fancy Smith in the cult Sixties police drama Z-Cars, Brian had to tool around in an old Zephyr patrol car, but didn't have a driving licence.