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Synonyms for life

living things

period of usefulness




come to life


for dear life

give your life


  • lay down your life
  • die
  • sacrifice yourself

that's life


  • that's the way things are
  • that's it
  • that's the way the cookie crumbles

Synonyms for life

Synonyms for life

a characteristic state or mode of living

the experience of being alive


Related Words

the course of existence of an individual

the condition of living or the state of being alive

the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)

the period between birth and the present time

the period from the present until death

a living person

living things collectively

the organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones

an account of the series of events making up a person's life

a motive for living

a prison term lasting as long as the prisoner lives

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Talking to a private news channel, he said it was a sad incident and the entire nation had expressed deep sorrow over the barbaric incident that took life of innocent Zainab in Kasur.
He took life in his stride and nothing ever fazed him.
CHARRSADDA -- Honor killing took life of a boy and seriously wounded girl today, in Batagram, Charrsadda.
BAGHDAD, Dec 25 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Ministry of Interior on Wednesday updated death toll of a blast that occurred close to a church earlier today saying the explosion took life of 35 people.
I read the letter from they man who y p okhisown g his family s d Myn h wt k hi My nephew too took life at 23, leaving deva at d.