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But by the time he left office early last year, Roh's presidency was judged a failure by most South Koreans, primarily because of desultory economic growth and what many viewed as his too-generous, too-soft policy toward North Korea.
D'Addario admits that readers might "balk" (21) at the inclusion of Dryden in a study of English writers in exile, and at times his attempts to justify this inclusion based on Dryden's self-perception as marginalized and subject to ridicule and derision appear stretched--perhaps a too-generous reading of the term "exile" in contrast to its more powerful applications to Hobbes, Milton, Bradstreet and Ward.
On that point, Harbinger criticizes Media General for what it says is a too-generous dividend that should be cut to free up cash to pay down debt.
Latter would love to break the too-generous lease his late father brokered for a tenant paying market rates.
Like Mr Allen I see no reason at all why councillors should receive free refreshment, as well as their too-generous allowance, they also claim expenses; surely they can afford their own sandwiches?
The need to meet a community standard of care--generally as protection against malpractice actions--and the presence of regulatory rules prohibiting low-quality care may mean that an increase in demand for high-quality care caused by too-generous insurance for high-income workers may harm low-income workers by depriving them of the ability to obtain low-cost, decent, but lower-quality care.
It ,works, but if your window frame isn't flat on the bottom, there will be a too-generous air leak on two edges.
Bush's principal accomplishment, indeed his only one, was to demolish any too-generous illusions about who he is.
Where Mootoo falters for her too-generous use of overripe imagery and wrenching emotional content, Powell seems to hold back to the point of reducing her characters to mouthpieces for her academic concerns.