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Synonyms for Barber

United States composer (1910-1981)

a hairdresser who cuts hair and shaves beards as a trade

perform the services of a barber: cut the hair and/or beard of

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David Ortiz comes the closest to tonsorial artwork, with his neatly trimmed and manicured cheeks, just as he comes closest to perfection with the bat in his hand, as long as he doesn't use it to express his frustrations in the dugout.
To this tonsorial diet we add Vitamin E and yoghurt, how are you doing hair, sure you still aren't hungry?
The next preface (in italics) identifies the "owner of the voice" as a dramatic construct, a "whitish plump man, a little under the middle size and age, with such blue eyes as many Irishmen have, and agile in his movements and with a slight tonsorial baldness--a penny might cover it--of the crown" (Wells 1967, 4).
My barber on Penarth Road learned his tonsorial trade in the Great War trenches and he brought his tools home with him.
And the home side followed up with a Groom repeat and a converted Fraser Tait try in a second half that saw Street's persecution complex intensify, notably when flanker Beau Carney was sin-binned when he protested too much following after a tonsorial assault on James Otutaha.
DESPITE "Strictly Come Dancing" revealing his penchant for sequinned tops, tonsorial realignment and staccato lumbering ineptitude for any music from South America, Michael Vaughan remains a respected former England captain and cricketing pundit, which makes his recent attempts at comedy to be ill-advised and inappropriate.
(AP) -- The tonsorial arts may be fading away from corner shops nationwide, but the craft of barbering is experiencing a small renaissance in Taylorville, Ill.
The K-pop boy band is a five-dude unit of unbridled energy, hyper-saturated streetwear, tonsorial risk-taking, and uhh, they wear MINX NAILS SOMETIMES.
John Foster was one of three barbers in town, none of whom had the least bit of talent in matters tonsorial. Every man in town had tufts of hair sprouting amidst shorn flesh, like a dog with mange who had scratched itself raw.
Throughout the years footballers have been experimented on by tonsorial artists.
On the plus side, though, we still have the backcombed, almost Transylvanian hair - albeit a little less black than in its tonsorial pomp - and the passably demonic glint in the eye that suggests somewhere in the yard an errant stable lad is being hung upside down, even as we speak.
(One imagines a philosophically bearded Hegel, a philosophically clean-shaven Marx, in the same way as a moustached Mona Lisa.)" He thought a commentary should "represent a kind of slow motion, a congelation or immobilisation." The philosopher never names Duchamp, despite his tonsorial genuflections; instead he invokes Pierre Menard to abbreviate his theory that "the most exact, the most strict repetition has as its correlate the maximum of difference.'
During my first encounter with a practitioner of the tonsorial arts in Dubai I was asked if I also wanted a shave.
In the novel, Hector is a faithful dog who lingers heartbroken at the door of Todd's tonsorial parlor after his master, the sailor Thornhill, enters for a haircut and shave, but never reemerges.
Although trimming a poodle this way takes time and effort, it requires neither tonsorial skill nor artistic talent.