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fragrant black nutlike seeds of the tonka bean tree


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tall tropical South American tree having pulpy egg-shaped pods of fragrant black almond-shaped seeds used for flavoring

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almost: Tonka beans pannacotta at the the hotel's Petrichor Restaurant & Bar
A simple panna cotta, flavoured with tonka bean and orange, pairs beautifully with oven-roasted vanilla rhubarb.
'Sunrise for Men' top notes include bergamot, lavender and myrtle, heart notes include violet leaf, sage and jasmine and base notes include amber, tonka beans and sandalwood.
The Silver award winning Tonka bar is created using this delicious Venezuela milk chocolate blended with cocoa butter infused with Tonka beans to give a delicate flavour reminiscent of almond that enhances the natural vanilla notes in the milk chocolate.
For the soymilk bubbles Place soybeans tonka beans and water In container Cover and refrigerate 24 hours.
The amber note is a fusion of vanilla and tonka beans, labdanum oil and patchouli leaves from Indonesia.
almost: Tonka beans pannacotta at the hotel's Petrichor Restaurant & Bar
almost: Tonka beans pannacotta at the the hotel's Petrichor Restaurant & Bar Skyline: The view over London from the Cavendish Smart setting: The hotel restaurant, left, and a stylish bedroom, right JANE HAASE has a date with poldark star aidan turner IF YOU have to wait six months for your Christmas present then it had better be good.
Inspired by the 'colours and spirit ot British bohemia', Mimosa and Cardamom features honeyed, golden mimosa over the spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom with hints of creamy tonka beans and smooth sandalwood.
Armani Code EDT 30ml pounds 33.50 A shaken, not stirred, cocktail of olive tree blossom and tonka beans.