tongue worm

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wormlike arthropod having two pairs of hooks at the sides of the mouth

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In the Austrian case of ocular linguatulosis, the pupil was not constricted pharmacologically prior to worm extraction, and the larval tongue worm escaped to the posterior chamber where its removal from a recess in the ciliary body required lens removal and vitrectomy.
Linguatulosis is a rare zoonotic parasitic disease resulting from invasion of the body by wormlike parasites of the genus Linguatula, also known as tongue worms [1].
Pentastomiasis, also known as 'tongue worm' infestation or porocephalosis, is a parasitic zoonosis endemic to western and central Africa.
Kiricephalus coarctatus (Pentastomida, tongue worm) is known to utilize snakes as both second intermediate and definitive hosts throughout Central and North America (Riley & Self 1980).
serrata tongue worm. The cuticular rings and the spicules at the posterior margins of the cuticle rings are also characteristic for this parasite (14).