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lacking in tone or expression


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Brain scans showed that the human auditory cortex was much more responsive than the monkey cortex when they compared relative activity between the calls and toneless, noisy versions of the calls.
In this piece, the palette of degrees of "sungness," ranging from full singing to notes designated as "toneless," and the subtle mixing of these colors in ensemble passages prefigures Schoenberg's later Moses und Aron.
In response to a performance note on Play, Beckett responds (as translated from his French by the editors): "It is difficult for actors, deprived of their normal means (toneless voices, expressionless faces) to express this Qual that you speak of, and to put it across, in the 2 seconds at their disposal, the idea that speech is being literally wrung from them.
Even absolutely toneless and awkward musical performances end up getting praises, even if evidence to the contrary is plain for all to (painfully) see and hear!
When this verb is elicited in context, however, the L is not realized on the /w/ coda but instead delinks, either causing downstep as in (35a), or reattaching to a following toneless morpheme as in (35b).
FOUR hours of toneless wailing in The Voice's battle rounds and just one puny highlight.
(5) -ghi is inherently toneless, its tone is determined by the tone of the preceding syllable.
There is now a perceptible pause before she speaks in a toneless voice.
Larger, toneless vertical lines on either side contain the painting, and a third such line, slightly off center, divides the painting more or less in half.
I would listen to my own voice and marvel at it, calm, correct but toneless, surely.
Plans also call to increase productivity by standardizing machining and assembly practices for both face frame and toneless construction and by outsourcing of installations, he adds.
The sincerity of an obituary, one may hopefully generalise, is usually directly in proportion to its restraint." The average biographer prepares a laundry list of moments in a person's life first, and elaborates on them with toneless precision thereafter.
My favorite comes when Dodd sings to the befuddled Freddie in a toneless voice the Frank Loesser pop number from 1948, "I'd Like to Get You on a Slow Boat to China." The conceit of this extraordinary exercise in romantic menace is that the crooner wants to, as the lyrics put it, have his reluctant young lady "all to [himself] alone ...
Its drab socialist concept of female beauty is traditionally limited to toneless makeup, ear-length haircuts and ankle hemlines.