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a language in which different tones distinguish different meanings

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Whalen & Levitt's (1995) study of 31 languages reports that intrinsic pitch exists for African tone languages such as Isekiri (Ladefoged 1968), Hausa (Pilszczikowa-Chodak 1972) and Yoruba (Hombert 1977).
Keywords: Speech perception, experimental phonology, tone languages.
Chapter four, "Melody," focuses upon linguistic intonation--"organized pitch patterns at the postlexical level" (182)--but discusses tone languages as well.
SR is particularly important for learning tone languages, such as Chinese.
For example, in line with the previous chapter, the review shows that speakers of tone languages process tone in the same hemisphere as the rest of the linguistic information (the left hemisphere), whereas this is not true for non-native tone perception.
In the subsection dealing with suprasegmentals Jensen makes casual reference to "tone" without saying what tone is, or what tone languages are.