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a sound of distinct pitch and quality

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From this theory we understand that all sound is perceived by humans as comprised of various combinations and mixtures of spectral tone colors, and that a narrow stratum of sound from any source will share the same tone color to human perception.
With its pure white mass tone color and its minimal light dispersion, Miraval Magic White is highly transparent and opens up styling potential for tinted as well as colored backgrounds, according to the company.
Texts of songs needed to be clearly understood and singers were expected to apply dynamics (tone color) and improvised ornaments to make apparent the in-depth meaning.
Nelita True, NCTM, gave a lecture about the teaching of tone color and memorization.
It covers all the basic areas of general music, including rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, texture, form and tone color. The graphics in the program can be printed easily in full size for classroom use, and the music examples can be played by clicking on them or from the included audio CD.
Sebastian Professional has launched Color Ignite, an all-new color care range that has two custom-tailored formulas for single tone colored hair and multi-tonal and lightened hair.
The Portrait Image Optimizer offers automatic backlight corrections and noise reduction, and the Smooth Skin feature adjusts skin tone colors. Red-eye Correction automatically reduces red-eye from flash.