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mechanical device consisting of a light balanced arm that carries the cartridge

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Another signature Rega product is its tone arm, which the company has spent 30 years investing in to remove even microns of movement.
The tracking force counter-weight screws on to the rear end of the tone arm.
The turntable is designed to deliver high-fidelity sound, with a balanced aluminum platter, precision Dual Magnet[TM] stereo cartridge with replaceable stylus, and a tone arm with soft damping control.
The JPM Company began producing tone arm leads for record players in 1949 and is currently among one of the largest independent cable assembly manufacturers in the world serving major OEMs and contract manufacturers through its global operations.
His audio-related inventions include a linear tracking tone arm, a cordless microphone, miniature radios, headset devices and audio cue circuitry.
After a quick, but energetic warm-up, it's into a dumb-bell workout to strengthen and tone arms, with squats worked in too.
Other recent aluminum casting contracts include hand controllers for remote weapon stations, tone arms for audiophile hi-fi turntables, print heads for food labeling machines, safety lights for the offshore oil industry and gearbox cases for stair-lifts.
The vibrating dumbbell claims to tone arms and banish the dreaded "bingo wings".
Steal her shape CUT THE RUG: Dancers tend to have long, lean muscles, as dancing is the perfect way to tone arms without bulking up.
4 Christian Marclay and Flo Kaufmann, Tabula Rasa (Club Transmediale at Maria am Ostbahnh of, Berlin) For this performance, Marclay first stood onstage playing with the tone arms and needles of an empty, retro turntable.
THIS exercise will help to achieve a perky chest and help tone arms and shoulders too.
Busy moms can quickly tone arms, legs, hips and abdominals while the kids are chomping on Cherrios," says Pam Skinner, personal trainer and owner of MommyFit.