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Synonyms for tonality

a sound of distinct pitch and quality

Synonyms for tonality

any of 24 major or minor diatonic scales that provide the tonal framework for a piece of music

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One of the primary reasons why different tonalities are challenging is because they not addressed early in musical learning and therefore are aurally unfamiliar.
In a culture obsessed with appearances and spectacle and where skin tonalities are hierarchical and potentially marginalizing, Co's work stands as a timely exposition on the deconstructive power of art in exposing the fallacies of popular beliefs.
In the first quarter of 2010 the "Citrus Competence" project will continue to focus on the impact of new legislation coming in 2011 pertaining to the 95:5 ruling for natural fruit specific flavourings, combinations of citrus tonalities and a more in depth view of the importance of freshness related to stability and its relevance for alcoholic, non-alcoholic, dairy, confectionery and bakery sectors.
Yet Lewis' intellectual grip also underlined the links between the three: spread chords, hand-crossing, generally quiet, throwaway endings - and a strange anticipation of Schubert in shifting tonalities (and in a self-propelling tarantella finale, delivered with rasping sforzandi which after all could only be Beethoven).
Most surprising, because most apt, is the absence of reference to Paul Carter's probing meditation on the sonic engagement of British colonists and aboriginals across the vast reaches of Australia in The Sound in Between: Voice, Space, Performance (New South Wales University, 1992), given that Rath's own achievements are most creditable in his tracking of the creolization of music from West Africa through the Caribbean to the colonial South and in his analyses of the contesting tonalities, intensities, and rhythms that set women apart from men, blacks from whites, Quakers from Puritans.
"I wanted to combine the tonalities of Sex and the City and Six Feet Under," says Cherry, "but also wanted to return to the roots of TV soap opera, which is ordinary people and their problems.
Her crystalline voice, distilled in stanzas of temperate and intemperate tonalities and pace, communicates to her readers the pain and power, the oscillation involved in speculation, in the modesty, and randomness--the chill and mystery--of Creation.
Told in rhyme, Black All Around is a picture book saturated with color that contrasts nicely with the darker tonalities, reminding children of the beauty and prominence of black.--S.R.
Eric Chappelle, music director of the Creative Dance Center in Seattle, has created four CDs that would have been perfect for me and still do appeal to my adult self He composed the sixteen to twenty-one songs on each disc to inspire movement through interplay between styles, tempos, rhythms, and tonalities. I can see these being wonderful tools for dance teachers, especially since the included booklets list specific ideas for moving to each piece.
Among Day's contributions to photography are his heightened sense of symbolism, poetry and metaphor, which were enhanced by the subtle, low-keyed tonalities of his prints.
Given Mathieu's advocacy of purely intoned harmony, it is curious that he explains the origin and distinction of major and minor tonalities through the concept of church modes, a scalar system that is incongruent, if not inconsistent, with his own idea of the harmonic lattice.
The chromatic tetrachord contains the essence of both major and minor tonalities in any particular key (it is a combination of 'melodic-' and 'harmonic-minor'), and its outer notes emphasize the tonic and dominant of the key: the [flat]VI-V movement is the ideal preparation for a dominant pedal, and is often used to set up the overall progression [flat]VI-V-I.
This is not to suggest that the galleries of the Getty should have been white, but only to indicate that the tonalities of the whole room need to be considered.
Although Csupo switched from music school to art school early in his career, he kept his love for music alive while building the Klasky Csupo empire, eventually forming the Tone Casualties and Casual Tonalities labels, designed to spotlight the edgier side of the musical spectrum.
Said Redding, "While I am often associated with looks that could be characterized as masculine, and the deep tonalities connected with them, Masters has a lighter touch and softer hand.