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the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes


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The four major tonal patterns are: (1) Both odd lines begin with AA and both even lines end with AA.
Unlike Phrygian Gates, The Chairman Dances does not reduce easily to any simple overall tonal pattern. Diatonic collections, harmonic areas, and even individual chords are combined and juxtaposed in a highly idiosyncratic and intuitive manner.
Teachers should begin to teach children at this age many songs with a limited tonal range and with catchy tunes or tonal patterns, reinforcing the pitches on the piano or with bell-like instruments.
For a research project, a colleague, Debra Pajtas, examined the repertoire in two standard late-beginner/early-intermediate anthologies, the Celebration Series Level 1, published by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Volume 1, looking for the repeated occurrence of common tonal patterns. The ten most common, with the frequency of their occurrences noted below each pattern in parentheses, were:
Small groups of children ages 5 to 9 are taught using an aural, full-body method that is based on singing, dancing, hearing the rhythm and tonal patterns, and then discovering them on the keyboard.
Musikgarten starts with tonal patterns and rhythms that help children use their energy and focus their attention through body movement, singing, chanting, finger games and playing simple instruments, Robbins said.
Why are human beings so preoccupied with and spend so much time listening to "meaningless tonal patterns?" For virtually all of us, from infancy on, music has great power.
Since English is not a tonal language, it is impossible to translate the tonal patterns of the Vietnamese verse, but Zhukov perfectly conveys the rhyme pattern and metric scheme of Vietnamese six-eight prosody with what in English becomes iambic six-eight.
The 9th pattern of the "most common tonal patterns" given on pg.
Pink-noise comparison to the LCR-50 indicated very similar tonal patterns, and uniform acoustic illumination of the room in the "stand-up, sit-down" and "far end of the sofa" tests.
Ellen Harris's substantial article "Harmonic Patterns in Handel's Operas" (the longest in the book), which takes into account 711 arias from twenty-eight operas, provides the first thorough study of the normative harmonic construction of opera seria and Handel's use of unusual tonal patterns toward dramatic ends.
(Re)casting their creative identifies in improvised relationship to Inherited rhythmic and tonal patterns, Eric B.
In Chinese poetry, song form characterized by lines of unequal length, with prescribed rhyme schemes and tonal patterns, each bearing the name of a musical air.
Together with composer Reich, Korot edited the film, using selective repetition to create tonal patterns out of the vocal responses.