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Synonyms for tonal

employing variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words


having tonality

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Molly Hite's Woolf's Ambiguities: Tonal Modernism, Narrative Strategy, Feminist Precursors opens up new viewpoints on Woolf's works by means of fresh approaches.
Maya Tall Bridesmaid bardot maxi tulle dress with tonal delicate sequins in soft gray - $199 (( Click Here )
The interference paradigm provides a basis for investigating whether overlapping or dissociated processes underlie the temporary retention of phonological and tonal information (Williamson et al., 2010b).
Anyone who has spent time pondering harmonic motion in rock has to acknowledge that traditional tonal theory is not sufficient alone in describing many of the most special moments in songs.
The tonal noise may also radiate from automobile bonnets which have a trailing edge and an upstream kink shape.
The Converse One Star x Golf Le Fleur sneaker collection is available in Airway Blue, Peach Pearl, Sulphur, and Fuchsia Glow, with an interchangeable set of tonal laces.
In light of this inspiration, this piece is effective, with a lovely melody, sensitive pacing, and tonal harmony that will make a wonderful contribution to church services or similar celebratory events.
Monochrome and tonal Bright and colourful trainers aren't in fashion this summer.
David says: "In a nutshell there are 12 tonal variations (hints of colour) within nine tonal families of cream, beige, lilac, pink, sage, aqua, yellow, blue and grey, thus making up the 108.
Further examination reveals Beethoven's varied use of tonal symbolism, including ironic use of key in song compositions.