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plug for the muzzle of a gun to keep out dust and moisture


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222 in the Tompion inventory, bears the same royal heraldic silver mounts as the larger campaign clock made for William III, with an intricately engraved, mostly hidden, seven-pillar movement.
"I go for a walk at lunchtime when I'm at work, and that's really where I get the time to think about things," says Tompion. "Ideas suddenly come into my head."
La aguja de los minutos fue introducida por Daniel Quare y Thomas Tompion para conseguir una mayor precision en sus relojes.
Thomas Tompion died; an English maker of clocks and sundials..
Tools for the gun consisted of a wooden tompion that was stuck in the muzzle to keep out debris, a corkscrew-like wiper, a ball screw for withdrawing bullets without firing the rifle, a main-spring vise, a pin punch and a combination screwdriver/nipple wrench.
Although barometers were first manufactured in England by Italian craftsmen, they soon attracted the attention of leading English clock and instrument makers such as Daniel Quare, Thomas Tompion and Henry Jones, who popularised the idea of the barometer as a handsome household instrument from about 1670 onwards.
Few clocks are personalities in their own right, but this one, by the great clockmaker Thomas Tompion, belonged to William Ill, was given to one of his court attendants and remains intact, working and exquisite.
THOMAS Tompion can make a seamless switch to handicap company in the Sir GeraldWhent Memorial Nursery at Newbury.
Police believe at least two burglars broke in to grab table clock made by 17th Century master Thomas Tompion, damaging one of its feet .
So right, in fact, that he based his design on a 1709 clock by the acclaimed clockmaker, Thomas Tompion, which is on view in the Pump Room at Bath.
THOMAS Tompion was dubbed the Father of English Clockmaking and, if in original condition, some of his pieces can fetch over pounds 100,000.
Successors to the 17th century masters Thomas Tompion, George Graham and Daniel Quare; John Harrison and John Arnold, who made the first ultra-accurate marine timekeepers in the 18th century set the standard patterns for the following century or more and Arnold, who used jewelled movements, is considered the first pioneer of the precision pocket watch.
Ramblers director of advocacy and engagement Tompion Platt said: "From walking to wildlife photography, without well-maintained paths millions of people would miss out on the outdoor activities they love.
Tompion Platt, Head of Policy and Communications, Living Streets London
A The Sea of Serenity B The Sea of Nubia C The Sea of Tranquility D The Sea of Nectar QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Thomas Tompion (1639-1713) was famous for making what?