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A computed tomogram (CT) guided biopsy of the lesion was performed for histo pathological/microbiological analysis.
b) Koronalni T2wFS tomogram levog zgloba kolena prikazujeparcijalnu rupturu unutrasnjeg bocnog ligamenta u nivou femoralnogpripoja ligamenta (strelica) unutrasnjeg bocnog ligamenta
The researchers then used the velocity tomogram to obtain an image of the reflected (echoed) wave arrivals.
Ultrasound was the primary modality of imaging in 90% and computerized tomogram (CT) in about 8% of the patients.
The image in each measuring point is displayed as coloured tomogram J (described on the basis of Samokrutov and Shevaldykin (2011)) using Eqn (1):
Histological aggressiveness of fluorodeoxyglucose positron-emission tomogram (FDG-PET)-detected incidental thyroid carcinomas.
We failed to detect any other focus of TB as his chest X-ray (Figure 3) and abdominal computerized tomogram came out normal.
A 82 year old man was referred to our hospital with computed tomogram (CT) scan showing a hypodense lesion in the pancreas.
A computed tomogram (CT) of the abdomen performed on admission showed a thickened gallbladder wall with surrounding inflammatory fatty stranding.
Three days post partum; she developed a low grade fever and underwent computed tomogram of the abdomen revealing a 6x10 cm right dermoid cyst.
It is difficult to make preoperative diagnosis on the basis of barium follow-through and computed tomogram (CT) scan and the diagnosis is made at laparotomy when encasement of small bowel within the sac like cocoon is visualized.
Velocity tomogram leads to a characteristic low velocity zone, developed diagonally in the area of interest.
Interestingly, however, Figure 9, a repeat rotational tomogram, taken approximately 18 months post-initial presentation, does not demonstrate rapid progressive alveolar bone loss one might expect to see in comparison to the paient's initial bone-levels.
Tumor markers, computerized tomogram, intravenous urogram was done where required and recorded in patient file.
More accurate inspection methods have also been developed to locate defects with a stress wave tomogram using multiple sensors (Divos and Sazlai 2002, Schwarze et al.