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Synonyms for tomentose

covered with densely matted filaments

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densely covered with short matted woolly hairs

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Inflorescence raceme umbel-like, 6-8 flowered; peduncle subglabrous; peduncle subglabrous; Pedicel 1.2-1.5 cm long, abaxially thickly tomentose and sparsely pubescent.
2.5 cm diam., zygomorphic; sepals green, deltoid to elliptical or obovate to oblong, abaxial surface glabrous, 6-9.5 X 3-4.5 mm; petals yellow, two external, obovate, 7-9.5 X 4-5.5 mm, two internal, oblanceolate, 7.5-9 X 3.5-5 mm, cuculus cordate to orbicular, bent around the stamens, 11-13 X 6-7 mm; stamens yellow, 6-7.5 mm long; staminoids yellow, 3-5 mm long; ovary yellow, tomentose, 5-8 mm long; style green, 3-4 mm long.
We have found individuals showing high irregularity with regard to leaf morphology and present different hybridization rates between parents, with acute lobes and more or less pinnate leaf margin, being the glabrescence of adaxial leaf surface, related to the tomentose abaxial leaf surface and shorter and reddish petiole, the main characters that diagnose this taxon.
The pro- and mesotibiae do not have tomentose areas in either sex.
The tomentose Heliotropium rariflorum (tentatively identified by Tim Harrison, pers.
Adaxial matte surface to subnitid, glabrous or slightly hirtellous on midrib, abaxial surface with the midrib, and sometimes lateral veins as well, most of which are slightly are puberulent or hirtellous and also with coarse, subapressed hairs, very densely tomentose, petiole 0.8-1.5 cm long (Fig.
LEAF COLOR: Green; lower surface is gray and hairy (tomentose).
Leaves pubescent to densely tomentose; pinnules pinnatifid to pinnate.
Description.--Fruiting bodies: Cup-shaped containing numerous spore packets, 4-5 mm high, 6-7 mm wide, sessile; margin of cup flared slightly or tapered downward; outer surface tan, velvety; inner surface pallid, smooth and shiny; mouth initially covered with an epiphragm, which is coarsely tomentose. Peridioles (spore packets): 1-2 mm broad, whitish to buff, circular but flattened (disklike), attached to peridium by a long thin cord; several per fruiting body.
Unique Characteristics: flower has a fragrance that some find offensive; large leathery leaf is extremely tomentose beneath; typically is available from a spring flowering landscape plant.
Most of the trees show a wide range of adaptations to both moderate fires and water stress, such as tomentose (woolly) leaves and terminal shoots, and thick, rough bark; the tap roots and lateral roots are also protected in this way.
In the first season true leaves are entire and densely tomentose. In subsequent years rosette leaves are pinnatifid and tomentose.
Situated between the fragile clover and the precious gold bug, this agglutination (which the artist describes as "tomentose," "blood red when wounded") looked like an obscene quantity of plasticene pushed into a provisional place, its surface carefully smoothed and articulated to resemble something--but nothing I've ever seen; possibly viscera, though the context suggested fungi.