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A joint VF-31/VF-213 investigation revealed that it would be possible to modify the F-14D Tomcat with off-the-shelf technology for a mere $800 per aircraft.
Many people who decide not to neuter their tomcat quickly change their minds when their pet's anti-social behaviour starts at about seven months of age.
While "Tomcats" is hardly a disaster for Roth given its modest $11 million budget, the measly grosses are certainly disappointing for Sony execs, who spent $25 million to hype it -- but who expect to make a small profit when ancillary revenues are added in.
Before departing for Iraq the Tomcats installed ALE-47 expendable buckets, providing the pilots with the latest countermeasures capabilities.
Oceana used several smaller parts from their Tomcat equipment in addition to the Tomcat trainer to adjust for materials they didn't have, and the AME classroom holds another piece of the Tomcat "C" school that helped supplement the students' learning objectives.
As we got closer, we still didn't see the second runway; however, we now were breaking out Tomcats on the runway, as well as on the taxiway.
East Aurora forward Josh Pryor had the last of his team-high 16 points on the next trip to narrow the Tomcats' deficit to one.
Since the launch was delayed, the boss granted the Tomcats permission.
Plane captains tend to their F-14A Tomcats, before flight operations on board USS Enterprise (CVN 65) on Oct.
Minutes later a dozen Tomcats arrived back from a sortie landing at 45-second intervals.
Jules Williamson scored a game-high 32 points to lead the Tomcats (2-10, 2-4).
It was a good deal OCA, a short 1+15 cycle with 2,000 pounds of gas per blue fighter, and with a mixed division of Hornets and Tomcats as red-air.
The Tomcats doubled their point total in the fourth quarter outscoring the Royals 21-12 to make things interesting.
After bidding farewell to their beloved F-14B Tomcats in January, the Strike Fighter Squadron 103 Jolly Rogers have now completed their transition to the F/A-18F Super Hornet, receiving their safe-for-flight accreditation in July.
I was Dash 2, and we were fighting a couple of Tomcats.