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Synonyms for tomboyishness

masculinity in women (especially in girls and young women)


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Moreover, in this social order, white females are supposed to grow out of tomboyishness and pair off with white men (see Abemathy 85 and Westling).
She spat and, reaching in her jersey, adjusted her sports bra coquettishly, and I think it was that combination of tomboyishness and femininity that immediately hooked me.
I'd inherited my father's love-of-sports gene and had come into both my tomboyishness and love of basketball around the age of 7, the spring of the 1970 NBA finals.
In one especially compelling essay, "Structuring the Narrator's Rebellion in To Kill a Mockingbird," Laura Fine takes a look at a controversial comment made in 1999 that the book is a "proto-lesbian novel." Fine examines and stretches this idea, analyzing Scout's tomboyishness not merely as lesbian but more accurately, I believe, as an attempt to find her place in a world in which she doesn't easily fit.
His quasi-masculinity was neither my own tomboyishness nor my father's hypermasculinity.
Ha is especially good in the latter sequence, mixing tomboyishness with nervousness for comic relief; but the central love story between Nam-sun and Sad Eyes never gets off the ground thanks to helmer Lee's constant pyrotechnics.
AS I BEGIN WRITING this review, an e-mail from John D'Emilio pops up on the Queer Studies List, a reaction to an account of an appallingly homophobic and misogynistic lecture given by a controversial researcher working on the etiology of homosexuality and its links to gender atypical behaviour, in other words to "sissyness" or "tomboyishness:" "A generation ago, queer activists made it very difficult for an earlier generation of ...
According to Blanchard, as a girl Sarah Jewett maintained a "conscious androgyny," enjoyed unrestricted "tomboyishness," and nicknamed herself "Dear Boy" (Jewett, 32).