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used of girls


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But while celebrities such as Amber of K-Pop girl group f(x) a who has also been the target of sexual harassment online by female users regarding her tomboyish image a have contributed to the local #MeToo movement, we have yet to see participation on a wide scale in Korea.
Reminiscing about the grooming process during the Miss India contest, she said: "I've been quite tomboyish since childhood.
Shraddha Kapoor, who is playing a stylish, sophisticated Delhi girl in her forthcoming Half Girlfriend, says she is very tomboyish in real life and that simple things make her happy.
In an interview for Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine, goddess incarnate-slash-actor Ruby Rose confesses that as a young girl, she felt like she was born into the wrong body and was bullied for being tomboyish. However, though she at the time wished she was a boy, now she's happy she didn't opt for gender reassignment surgery.
Tilly is nine and makes a new best friend in Matty, a tomboyish free spirit.
The tomboyish Lee loved reading, and would make up stories with Truman Capote, her next door neighbor who was two years older to her.
This is a 60s story with tomboyish silhouettes such as the cape, retro shirt and roll-neck jumpers.
Ditching the coordinating bikini for mis-matched prints and a tomboyish baseball cap, Ellie's swimwear style is a breath of fresh beachy air.
Kangana plays Datto in a double role, hair suitably pixie- cropped and her tomboyish body language accentuated by
She has an emotional side but she keeps it hidden under layers of aloofness and being tomboyish."
In Ella, Lew-Smith brings forth a tomboyish but decidedly female character who must make hard choices and take decisive action.
"Everybody thought that because Shannon was tomboyish and outspoken that Erin needed Shannon.
and 11 p.m., TLC) A bride walks out of the salon after her free-spirited sister suggests short dresses for the maids; two women disagree on their vision for a wedding; a bride fears her tomboyish bridesmaid will be annoyed by her dress choice.
Tokyo, July 30 ( ANI ): Nano, a bilingual artist known for her strong and tomboyish voice, is the new craze among youth in Japan.
Local suitors are lined up for tomboyish Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) but she's more interested in archery and independence.