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Synonyms for tomboy

a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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At wala namang problemakung bading ka o tomboy ka basta...
"I think it's inevitable for her to have a little bit of tomboy in her from Future, Russ and me," Ciara said.
Strummer: Do you still get questions about you being a boy or a tomboy like you did when you were younger?
Actress Zareen Khan, who will soon be seen performing action stunts in her upcoming film One Day , says she has always been a tomboy.
IANS Zareen Khan, who will soon be seen performing action stunts in her upcoming film One Day, says she has always been a tomboy. "I have always been a tomboy.
Tom "Tomboy" Doherty died when the car he was driving crashed just days after he had passed his driving test.
A procession of horses, white Mercedes and pallbearers wearing Manchester United tops will lead thousands of mourners to say goodbye to Tom 'Tomboy' Doherty this afternoon.
Jude (patron saint for hopeless causes) medallion, she predicted that there would be hard roads ahead for the young tomboy. But, as with any burden, there was a gift they only had to find.
Tomboy (2011) BBC2, 12.35am In her striking 2007 debut Water Lilies, writerdirector Celine Sciamma confidently navigated the choppy waters of pre-teen sexuality, eliciting mesmerising performances from her young and inexperienced cast.
Toronto, Canada, May 21, 2016 --( Newly founded company Tomboy Toes announced today the opening of its online store,, and its release of a line of dress shoes designed to look like men's formal shoes but fit women's feet.
Talking about her "tomboy" daughter the 41-year-old joked: "She loves fashion as all little girls do, she loves putting make-up on and playing with my shoes.
The townsfolk are about to be All Shook Up and could be headed for Heartbreak Hotel, but for Natalie, the love-struck, tomboy mechanic, it really is Now Or Never.
Victoria, who has four children with husband David Beckham, says three-year-old Harper is a little tomboy.
I used to get teased a lot--[getting called] "tomboy, tomboy"-- which I really didn't like.
Her opening chapter explains her attachment to the tomboy lifestyle and an identity that she still holds with pride.