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an alloy of copper and zinc (and sometimes arsenic) used to imitate gold in cheap jewelry and for gilding


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The Miras Ensemble, returniing to the Shoe Factory, are Arash Ghasemi on oud, setar and clarinet; Mehdi Nezamdoost on tombak, daf and dayereh; Sajad Khaneghahi on santur and Bamdad Fahalati on vocals.
Cagdas Topcu, (1) Hilmi Uysal, (2) Omer Ozkan, (3) Ozlenen Ozkan, (3) Ovunc Polat, (1) Merve Bedeloglu, (1) Arzu Akgul, (1) Ela Naz Doger, (1) Refik Sever, (1) Nur Ebru Barcin, (2) Kadriye Tombak, (4) and Omer Halil Colak (1)
The guest musicians who offer flavour and dimension to the album include Demetrios Petsalakis (baglama, outi), Nagmeh Farahmand (daff, tombak), Ernie Tollar (duduk, bansuriand saxophone) and Andrew Downing (cello).
Romeo claims that he has been playing the Tombak (an originally Iranian drum) instead of a European musical instrument, near Juliet's balcony.
As a result, Asalouyeh and Tombak ports, some 270 and 220 kilometers south east of Bushehr respectively, have been selected as locations for the construction of onshore installations of the phased development of the field.
The Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) reported that the world-renown kamancheh player and musician is being accompanied on this tour by the Rah-e Rouh music group as well as Navid Afghah on tombak, Ali Bahramyfard on santur and Hadi Azarpira on the tar.
Hailing from as far as the U.S., the contingent of warships comprising patrol vessels, frigates and a submarine includes Australia (HMAS Perth), Bangladesh (BNS Dhaleshwari), Brunei (KDB Daruttaqwa), China (CNS Yulin), India (INS Satpura and INS Kamorta), Indonesia (KRI John Lie and KRI Tombak), Malaysia (KD Lekir), Singapore (Republic of Singapore Navy - RSS Endeavour, RSS Intrepid, MV Swift Rescue; Singapore Police Coast Guard - Mako Shark), South Korea (ROKS Incheon), Sri Lanka (SLNS Sayura), Thailand (HTMS Krabi and P.G.M.
2007 LNG Tanks at Tombak Port Contract to build three LNG tanks at Tombak, 30 miles north of Assaluyeh Port.
(59) Ibid at 261-62; Mihkel Tombak, "A Commentary On: Competing Theories Of the Firm and Their Role In Canadian Business Law" in Anand & Flanagan, supra note 2,76 at 76.
Of the four LNG projects Iran originally envisioned, it's pushing ahead with one, a 10.5mn-tonne-a-year facility known as Iran LNG, at Tombak near the Gulf port of Assaluyeh.
Research on the game theory of auctions has focused primarily on two models: the independent private value (IPV) model (Vickrey 1961; Tombak and Wang 2005) and the common value (CV) model (Wilson 1967, 1969).
I grew up learning the tombak. At six, I asked my father, 'You teach everyone, why you don't teach me?' He told me I would have to learn by the book.