tomato juice

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the juice of tomatoes (usually bottled or canned)

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So he mashed up some clams, mixed their juice with tomato juice and thus embraced the philosophy of 'if it's good enough to eat, it's good enough to drink'.
I've tried soft drinks and lime and soda, but tomato juice is the only thing I can have - everyone reckons it's turning my face red though
Yellow tomato juice is slightly sweeter than red and I paired it with carrot juice to add earthiness and to bring to mind the colour of the red clay earth of the Mexican highlands.
The intervention and control group received 110ml of tomato juice (containing 37mg of lycopene total) or 110ml of water to consume three times daily with meals.
Nine of the athletes drank tomato juice after exercise and six consumed their regular fizzy energy drink.
In a large glass, mix 300ml (1/2pt) tomato juice, a measure of vodka, a squeeze of lime, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and a couple of drops of Tabasco.
The mention of tomato juice lit up Lama's ageless face.
ingredients ' tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp ground black pepper 1' tbsp paprika 1' tbsp ground ginger 1 tbsp turmeric 2 tbsp ground cinnamon 1 x shoulder of lamb, trimmed and cut into 5cm chunks (2'lb meat in total) 2 large onions, grated 4 tbsp ground nut oil 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 pint tomato juice 2 x 400g tinned chopped tomatoes 4oz dried apricots, cut in half 2oz dates, cut in half 2oz sultanas or raisins 3oz flaked almonds 1 tsp saffron stamens, soaked in cold water 1 pint lamb or chicken stock 1 tbsp clear honey 2 tbsp coriander, chopped 2 tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped method?
Meanwhile, heat the glucose, sugar and tomato juice together until the sugar has dissolved.
Research findings have revealed that tomato juice content of heavy metals is significantly lower compared to that of fresh tomatoes (especially in the case of lead and cadmium).
Taking the time to process farmer's market tomatoes into fresh tomato juice and tomato water in the summer and early autumn can result in some very memorable cocktails.
Then he poured three bottles of tomato juice onto the frightened dog.
You might consider switching to tomato juice at breakfast.
And we also make Great Uncle Cornelius's Lemon Refresher traditional still lemonade and our Big Tom spicy tomato juice that makes wonderful Bloody Marys and for which we were granted a Royal Warrant in 2002.
Freshly pressed premium juices manufacturer, James White, is adding another variety to its already popular Organics range, as it introduces Organic Tomato Juice to its portfolio.