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a concentrated form of tomatoes

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Both can be declared as consumer-friendly 'tomato concentrate' or 'natural flavor', depending on local regulations.
Dogan N, McCarthy MJ, Powell RL (2003) Comparison of inline consistency measurement of tomato concentrates using ultrasonics and capillary methods.
Using its global connections has helped DSM develop products such as Fabuless, a patented lipid emulsion clinically proven to help control appetite and reduce hunger feelings, and Fruitflow, a natural, water-soluble tomato concentrate to promote healthy bloodflow.
With regard to basic consumer products, he stressed the need to comply with reference prices, particularly those decided last January 14, 2011, concerning the prices of bread, dairy, sugar, eggs, poultry, tomato concentrate, liquefied petroleum gas and others...
This country would like to implement origin labelling to help the Community production of processed tomatoes vis-a-vis competition from imports of tomato concentrate, above all originating from China.
More specifically, on Morocco's side, EU fruit and vegetables and tinned goods, with the exception of beans, sweet almonds, apples and tomato concentrate (for which tariff quotas have been negotiated) will be entirely liberalised within ten years.
Carillo says his salsas differ from others on the market in that they don't contain any added sugar, are considered by the FDA to be low sodium, and doesn't use any tomato paste or tomato concentrate. "Our fourth distinguishing feature is that we use as many as seven different types of chili peppers, and they are the spicier ones," he says.
They are: Canned fruit; vegetables; tomato; tomato concentrate, and soup in cartons.
Second, V8 is mostly water and tomato concentrate. It's also got some carrot, celery, beet, parsley, lettuce, watercress, and spinach juice, but the company won't say how much.
400g (14oz) carton or bottle of passata (tomato concentrate)
A&B Ingredients introduces TomEssence Liquid, an all-natural, low-viscosity tomato concentrate that imparts a golden brown "oven baked" color when sprayed or brushed on microwave pizza crust and other microwaved dough-based products.
A&B Ingredients, a leading provider of food system ingredients, has introduced TomEssence[TM] Liquid, an all-natural, low viscosity, tomato concentrate that gives a golden brown "oven-baked" color when sprayed or brushed on microwave pizza crust and other microwaveable dough-based products.
The third line is dedicated to tomato concentrate, of which upwards of 1,000 tons of fresh tomatoes are processed on a daily basis during the peak harvest period of August through September.
oil, water, vinegar, egg yolk and tomato concentrate. Powdery ingredients are weighed out in the right proportions and fed into the mixer manually.
We have given them funds to develop local flour, tomato concentrate and beef.