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This classic heirloom Roma tomato ripens midseason, is super-prolific, and presents its copious yield in a concentrated harvest.
Our snacking tomato line has been expanding each year as we continue to bring new varieties to market," notes Retail Account Manager Matt Quiring.
From the health associated aspect, the red plant pigment "Lycopene" found in many fruits and vegetables like guavas, apricots, papayas, pink grapefruit, watermelon particularly tomato being the significant shareholder with humans dietary intake and foodstuff.
Tomato growers and application developers can utilize these results to target cultivars that are well-liked by consumers.
Every lOOg of Double Concentrate Tomato Puree is made with 600g of fresh tomatoes.
Making tomato juice by pureeing the tomatoes, multi-colored varieties like the Purple Cherokee are not ideal because, while they are delicious to eat, the pureeing process will yield a brownish, mud-like juice.
Her list of favorites includes Red Brandywine, a high-yielding, well-loved heirloom that's richly flavorful, and Juliet, a hybrid red paste tomato with delicious flavor and great disease resistance.
Another selection features crab- and corn-filled cannelloni presented atop a warm cherry tomato-Sweet 100 mixture with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, tomato water and an herb like opal basil or purslane.
And thus began my effort to find a tomato that would not just grow, but set fruit and ripen, at 8,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains.
These antimicrobials inhibited growth of Salmonella, which was also inactivated on the tomato surface.
And when given a choice between tomato and wheat, vine seedlings grow toward tomato.
But a pot with a young tomato plant, and even a cup of perfume made of tomato volatiles, did attract the seedlings (see movie at www.
The place looks like some kind of tomato clearinghouse, or a place you'd go to swap tomatoes, if there were such a thing.
Originally from the Andes region of South America, the tomato was brought back to Spain by explorers in 1527.
Tokyo, Japan, June 7, 2006 - (JCN) - Lion has discovered a unique property of tomato vinegar concerning sleep quality in collaboration with the Ota Sleep Center in Tokyo.