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Synonyms for tomatillo

Mexican annual naturalized in eastern North America having yellow to purple edible fruit resembling small tomatoes

annual of Mexico and southern United States having edible purplish viscid fruit resembling small tomatoes

small edible yellow to purple tomato-like fruit enclosed in a bladderlike husk

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Cabo Shrimp Burrito - Ten lime-garlic marinated shrimp, black beans, Baja rice, Jack cheese and tangy tomatillo and fresh lime juice yogurt sauce all rolled up in a warm, soft flour tortilla.
The Last Touch: "Don't Call It a Condiment" (page 204) offers five salsas that can each be prepared in 20 minutes or less: Chipotle Tomato Salsa; Guajillo and Tomatillo Salsa; Colombian Avocado Salsa; Ecuadoran Tamarillo Salsa; and Tomatillo Salsa.
95) filled with chicken, and topped with cheese and a piquant tomatillo sauce.
Ladle into bowls and top each serving with a dollop of roasted tomatillo relish.
Huevos y Papas: Crispy Diablo potato cakes topped with fried eggs, cooked to order, jack cheese and fire-roasted tomatillo sauce.
CALLING ALL SALSAS: Do you have a dynamite uncooked, easy salsa recipe that you rely on - tomato, mango, pineapple, tomatillo, avocado-corn, olive, etc.
Set tomatillo quarters and bread slices on a grill over a solid bed of hot coals or a gas grill on high heat and turn as needed until browned on all sides, 1 to 2 minutes total for bread, 5 to 7 minutes for tomatillos Let cool.
She has never seen a tomatillo plant suffer from fusarium or verticillium wilt, two soil-borne fungus diseases that affect tomatoes and other members of the Solanaceae family.
He also crafts an exciting version of chili rellenos, featuring two Anaheim peppers stuffed with rock shrimp, three cheeses and served with a tomatillo salsa.
7 -- color) Creations of Bobby Flay include sea scallop Rockefeller, left, blue cornmeal coated langoustine with tomatillo sauce and sea urchin mignonette.
Dish of the year: Full rack of baby-back ribs a la tomatillo.
Serve trout and potatoes with tomatillo sauce; add salt to taste.
To start my meal I tried the crunchy Flautas, made with chicken, cilantro sour cream and a green tomatillo sauce.
The new salsa flavors are glutenfree and available in 14-ounce tubs, including: Hatch Chile Salsa (Medium), made with authentic Hatch chiles combined with tomatoes, green chile and onions; Pico de Gallo (Medium), featuring Anaheim and jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and onions; and Salsa Verde (Medium), which offers tomatillo and onion, with bell, jalapeno and serrano peppers, plus green chile and cilantro.