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edible greenish substance in boiled lobster

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The bread came out of the oven crisp and browned, and Woody took a butter knife to the bowl of tomalley, serving the boy before himself, and the two ate quietly until it was gone.
He remembers Woody Eustis and the bread spread with green tomalley; he remembers the legs, lifeless as bean sacks.
Previous reports have warned of high dioxin levels in tomalley, so although this "ban" ostensibly is temporary, EN thinks it's wise to always heed the advice.
The good news is that lobster meat itself is unaffected; you need only avoid the tomalley, which serves as a lobster's liver and pancreas.
TORT- 1 Partially defatted lobster tomalley (hepatopancreas) LUTS-1 Non-defatted lobster tomalley (hepatopancreas) DORM-2 Partially defatted dogfish muscle DOLT-2 Partially defatted dogfish liver
Curtis Stone and Justin Hilbert Maude LOBSTER WITH SORREL AND CONCORD GRAPES For the lobster: 8 small lobster tails, steamed at 145 degrees for 3 minutes, chilled Sorrel leaves, blanched For the lobster sauce: 8 small lobsters, cracked and cleaned, heads, legs, reserving tomalley for bechamel Concord grape juice Sorrel leaves Tarragon leaves For the lobster bechamel: 200 grams lobster heads and tails, dehydrated 400 grams whole milk 60 grams roux For the garnish: Red butterfly sorrel FOR THE LOBSTER: Wrap lobster tails in blanched sorrel leaves.
Reserve the tomalley,or green liver,of each lobster,and the coral,or eggs if the lobster is female.
In 1980, the presence of high cadmium concentrations in tissues, in particular, the highly desirable tomalley (digestive gland, hepatopancreas) of lobster captured within the harbour led to the closure of the commercial lobster fishery in the harbour and the imposition of a controlled fishery zone surrounding the harbour.
The body contains the antennae, eyes, head sac, brain, lungs, roe, tomalley, and gills.
Taquerias, where you can get a whole array of takeaway Mexican food ranging form tomalleys to tacos, is one of the best examples.
Taquerias, where you can get a whole array of takeaway Mexican food ranging from tomalleys to tacos, is one of the best examples.