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Synonyms for tomahawk

weapon consisting of a fighting ax


cut with a tomahawk

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kill with a tomahawk

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References in classic literature ?
There was no time for a second shot, for the Mary, dropping the tomahawk, holding her child in both her hands and plunging to the rail, was in the air and overboard, her fall capsizing the canoe which chanced to be beneath her.
And Lerumie, the foot with which he had kicked not yet returned to the deck as again he was in mid-action of stooping to pick up the tomahawk, received the bullet squarely in the heart and pitched down to melt with Borckman into the softness of death.
Ere Jerry struck the water, the glory of Tambi's marvellously lucky shot was over for Tambi; for, at the moment he pressed trigger to the successful shot, a tomahawk bit across his skull at the base of the brain and darkened from his eyes for ever the bright vision of the sea-washed, sun-blazoned tropic world.
From the canoes on both sides uprose a glittering, glistening rain of mother-of-pearl-handled tomahawks that descended into the waiting hands of the Somo men on deck, while the Marys on deck crouched down and scrambled out of the fray.
You gettee in, he added, motioning to me with his tomahawk, and throwing the clothes to one side.
They came in a large canoe, when my fathers had buried the tomahawk with the red men around them.
The tomahawk seemed to take a horribly long time to come down.
The eyes of the trapper, followed every movement of the tomahawk, with the interest of a real father, until at length, unable to command his indignation, he exclaimed--
Raising the other hand, like lightning, the tomahawk flashed in the air, and Weucha sunk to his feet, brained to the eye.
The athletic islander, with his tomahawk between his teeth, was dashing the water before him till it foamed again.
He has seen his English and his American fathers burying their tomahawks in each other’s brains, for this very land.
The modern rifles, stolen from Lunga, Sheldon set aside; the Sniders he smashed into fragments; the pile of spears, clubs, and tomahawks he presented to Joan.
Supposedly, Joe Champion, AKA "Kazan Champion," AKA "Tomahawk Joe" was born in 1865 and led a very colorful life.
THE restaurateur behind Tomahawk Steakhouse has revealed plans to create scores of jobs, amid a mission to have a portfolio of 20 venues by the end of 2020.
Tomahawk Steakhouse has five sites in the North East, including a restaurant on Newcastle's Quayside and a new outlet just outside Ponteland.