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any of various drums with small heads

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It is the hard-working people like that tom-tom wala who are making that difference in Bangladesh against all the odds.
RENAULT has introduced a limited edition Bose Pack for all Dynamique Tom-Tom versions of the Scenic and Grand Scenic, excluding the 1.6 VVT 110.
The actor is also spearheading a campaign for members of the public to become a Voice of Tom-Tom themselves.
Unbeatable Rock Beat drumsticks - pounds 8.99 from Thrash around in mid-air and these sticks will perform snare drum, tom-tom or crash cymbal sounds, switching from one to the other at the flick of a switch.
Playing one off against the other, Snopes convinces Tom-Tom to take the stolen brass from the plant and hide it in his house, and later persuades Turl to retrieve it.
Translation: "When the Tom-Tom Beats" and "Guinea,"
Maybe the tom-tom player is out of town, or otherwise unavailable.
Two accessory packs are offered; a travel pack, which includes specially designed Samsonite fitted luggage and a Navigation pack which features the well-known Tom-Tom portable satellite-navigation system.
In addition to the original attractions of the first game, players also take control of the dastardly pigs of the Tom-Tom gang, requiring you to develop your stealth skills take control of some serious space-shifting weaponry.
Ex-priest Tom-Tom O'Brien was seen weeping after his best buddy Rob was eliminated from the game show.
Where Lou Barb's academic and married life, for example, congeals in emotional rigor mortis, that of the departed Tom-Tom (Thomasina) flames and expires like a shooting star.
In "Quand Bat le Tam-tam" [When the Tom-Tom Beats], the poet celebrates the beauty and pull of his African roots.
She was so secure emotionally and intellectually, she did not need hordes of tom-tom beaters to impress people with her importance."
Perhaps the "sat-nav" generation have dulled intuitive driving skills resulting in their hogging the middle of the road, ready to turn left or right at a moment's notice dictated by Tom-Tom, Garmin or whoever.
The fan left his BMW at the Bull & Anchor pub in Wheelwright Lane, Ash Green - and returned to discover a set of golf clubs and a pair of golf shoes had been stolen from the boot, along with a Tom-Tom sat-nav system.