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One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) was then used to examine the effect of categorical factors, including animal (swine or poultry) and animal operation type (swine farrowing, swine gestation, swine weaning, swine finishing, tom turkey, or laying hen), on the log-transformed endotoxin data while the Pearson's correlation test (r and p values) was performed to investigate the effect of numerical factors, including animal packing density, ambient temperature and humidity, indoor air temperature, and humidity.
The only bird any bigger, in fact, was a tom turkey I shot three springs ago that weighed 23 pounds.
A clumsy blackberry picker flushed a huge tom turkey from the patch near the north woods.
We have a small flock of chickens and sell eggs, five guineas that keep the snakes and kestrels at bay, and an "inherited" tom turkey that struts his stuff daily.
Most of us know our fine Tom Turkey, whether free range or intensive, was a native of the USA.
Later that day, the marines celebrated the holiday with a standup dinner featuring roast tom turkey with oyster dressing and all the trimmings.
It's mid-July, and I'm sweatin' like a chestnut-stuffed, giblet-jammed, butter-basted, oven-roasted tom turkey. A gangster thunderstorm of apocalyptic dimensions just pulled a roll-by lightning barrage, frying two circuits and smoking my wheezing air conditioner.
HEN or TOM TURKEY -- The sex designation of "hen" (female) or "tom" (male) turkey is optional on the label and is an indication of size rather than tenderness.
The idea is to prolong the grilling season -- and to sell more grills and grill accessories -- by teaching consumers how to barbecue Tom Turkey, rather than take up oven space with the bird.
Shortly after the vehicle stopped, the complainant observed a shotgun aimed out of the driver's window of the vehicle discharge killing a tom turkey. The shooter exited the vehicle, retrieved the bird, got back in the driver's seat, and started to drive away.
Award-winning artist Jim Sollers' superbly executed illustrations for Frances Bloxam's Little Tom Turkey will enable young readers ages 3 and up to thoroughly enjoy this original story of the youngest of ten wild turkey chicks.
The Ol' Tom Turkey Seat from Ol' Man Treestands is perfect for turkey hunting or any hunting situation on the ground.
The average tom turkey reaches the market weighing between 23 and 35 pounds.
The next morning, heat water to 130 [degrees] F to 140 [degrees] F in a metal container big enough to dunk a large tom turkey. A 10-to 20-gallon garbage can works well.
A boss tom turkey struts at the edge of the dark timber, shamelessly displaying his russet-feathered magnificence for the edification of the mountain's hen population.