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a colorless flammable liquid obtained from petroleum or coal tar

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During this period, oil refinery operations constituted the largest manufacturing industry in the state, and TBR followed the "almost revolutionary" transformations of the industry, particularly the large-scale manufacturing of new wartime products derived from petroleum, including toluol for high explosives, high-octane aviation gasoline, butadiene and styrene for synthetic rubber.
The information "was found to be of the first importance" and the division was asked by the War Industries Board to make a report on the production of chemicals essential to the manufacture of explosives, including "sulphuric acid, alkali, ammonia, nitric acid, and toluol.
Then samples were dried under nitrogen and resuspended in 100 [micro]L toluol for analysis of the PFB derivatives of nitrate on a gas-chromatograph (CP-3800; Varian) coupled to a quadrupole mass spectrometer (Quadrupole 1200; Varian) with single-ion monitoring at m/z 62 for [sup.