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aromatic yellowish brown balsam from the tolu balsam tree used especially in cough syrups

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Julia has also qualified Helm's Tolu, who is just five, for two finals at the Scope Festival, the end of season championships in Staffordshire this autumn.
Navid was a holdover from the previous year, but the other three were new names to the list while Tolu and Mesbah 2, named the previous year, just disappeared without explanation.
The last communication Tolu had with Sope was a text he sent the day before he went missing simply to say he had lost his umbrella.
"|I screamed for Tolu. He was holding onto a tree in the water.
The television program Monday also showed the Tolu satellite that had been unveiled last year but disappeared from this year's public lineup.
Senators Nicholas Tofowomo (Ondo South) and Tolu Odeniyi (APC Ogun West) in their individual contributions said there was nothing assuring from the federal government to convince Nigerians that it was on top of insecurity challenge.
But he said not a word about the Tolu, Navid and Mesbah, of which Iran unveiled mockups last February while proclaiming they would be launched this Persian year.
Brothers Tobi and Tosin and sisters Tolu and Tayo, 18, shared five As, four Bs and three Cs from St Francis Xavier 6th form in Clapham, south west London.
Mum to eight-month-old Tolu, the 30-year-old is pictured at the King's Castle Pentecostal Church in Gosforth and was unaware she was being photographed.
However at Wednesday's proceedings, counsel for the AGF, Tolu Mokolu, told the court that their witness had challenges being in court as he was held back in Abuja, adding that the lead counsel, Tijani Gazali was also held up in Abuja over the same witness.
The couple have six children, Shola, 22; Tolu, 23; Ife, 20; top-class sprinter Titi, 18; Tomi, 15, and Samuel, 11, who all share their parents' beliefs.