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someone employed to collect tolls

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Lying to a federal agent carries a sentence of zero to six months in jail, but, Tollman explained, if Sullivan believes Flynn's actions were egregious, the statute permits him to send Flynn to prison for up to five years, the statutory maximum.
A MAN called ROB TOLLMAN, who said he did not see signs on how to pay the Mersey Gateway toll, has won an appeal against his fine.
It has led to scores of appeals - and Rob Tollman was successful on the grounds he was caught on his first use of the bridge on October 16, and that while the toll charges were clear on signs, the signage for methods of payment were not.
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(1.) Garenne M, Tollman S and Kahn K, Premarital fertility in rural South Africa: a challenge to existing population policy, Studies in Family Planning, 2000, 31(1):47-54.
In terms of how to achieve clarity over complicatedness, Morrieux and Tollman [10] suggest rules that are related to understanding the root causes of employee performance, as well as several means to encourage cooperation rather than competition.
For more information, contact Doug Tollman, (419)-542-2609;
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CAST: Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tollman, Busy Philipps, Beau Knapp, Wendell Pierce, David Denman, Katie Aselton
Beatrice Tollman, the founder of the hotel chain Red Carnation Group, has given PS50,000 since 2011.
(1.) Houle, B.; Stein, A.; Kahn, K.; Madhavan, S.; Collinson, M.; Tollman, S.M.; Clark, S.J: 2013: Household context and child mortality in rural south africa: The effects of birth spacing, shared mortality, household composition and socio-economic status.