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someone employed to collect tolls

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The cabby is some sort of supervisory tollkeeper, the protonotary of sins.
Henry Tim Roth Fatima Mili Avital Fontina Rod Steiger Tollkeeper Mickey Rooney Tuxedo Man John Turturro Laurent Jacques Herlin Young Laurent Lothaire Bluteau Essie O-Lan Jones Sweet Potata Chris Fennel Mother Barbara Bain Felipe Raoul Delfosse Henri Francis Bouc Young Henry Gianin Loffler Angel Johnny Cinicola
Actual onscreen title is "Animals and the Tollkeeper"; press materials list latter-named part as an opening "short," but it's actually a 12-minute prologue whose images and characters recur later on.
Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas noted that auto companies' valuations have compressed to extremely low levels, but he believes that a move from a vehicle ownership model to a transportation subscriber model could expand the revenue opportunities for the potential "tollkeepers" for the monetization of content and data by "nearly an order of magnitude." Looking at U.S.
The patentees who are non-producing and engage in holdup behavior have been labeled "patent trolls." (49) Patent troll activity is generally frowned upon because they act as only "tollkeepers" on the road of innovation.
"We had agreed with Cymuned that the leaflets would be handed out far enough away from the gate itself, but this was ignored, placing the lives of our two tollkeepers at risk, " he added.
Mr Elias said: "In our view there was no danger to the tollkeepers by our action - if there was any danger at all it was to our own members while distributing the leaflets."
That money gets spread around to tollkeepers and to cronies awarded fat franchises.