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a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)

someone employed to collect tolls

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JEDDAH: Matthew Toller, the American ambassador to Yemen since 2014, looked exhausted after almost a week of peace talks, but as soon as he sat down for our interview in the lobby of a hotel in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, a smile appeared on his face.
Toward the end of First Reformed, the protagonist, Reverend Toller (Ethan Hawke), argues with Pastor Jeffers (Cedric Kyles), his boss and head of the megachurch that props up Toller's historically significant but slowly dying congregation in upstate New York.
The men were in a BMW which crashed on Toller Lane, Bradford, in the early hours of yesterday.
First Reformed is led by Reverend Toller (Ethan Hawke), a man in his late 40s who drinks too much and cares for himself too little and who has promised to tell the honest truth of himself, his doubts, his anxieties, his shortcomings, even his typos in a handwritten diary for one year, which he'll burn after the experiment is over.
Doreen Toller and her husband, Robert, have owned Alaskan Tour Guides in Wasilla for the past twenty years.
They are: Winter Gala event from Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28 and Autumn Steam Gala from Thursday, October 4 to Sunday, October 7: A Prohibition of Waiting at any time on Woodhouse Road, Quorn from the School sports centre entrance to the junction with Chaveney Road; Forest Road, Quorn from the junction with Chanveney Road to the entrance of Whattof Lodge Farm; Chaveney Road, Quorn from the junction with Forest Road to Toller Road, Quorn for its entire length; Westfield Lane, Rothley for approximately 100m from the junction with Swithland Lane in a South Westerly direction; Swithland Lane, Rothley for approximately 100m from Westfield Lane junction in a North Westerly direction; Lodge End, Woodthorpe, Loughborough for its entire length.
There are a number of dedicated field enthusiasts in the Toller community.
Aden, Dhul-Hijjah, 29 1438 H., September 20, 2017, SPA -- US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Toller renewed today his country's rejection of Iranian interference in Yemen.
With a better programmatic TV deliverable,"this could bring better targeting to media decisions on behalf of our clients," Empower MediaMarketing VP/Offline Investment and Activation Michelle Toller said.
JAMES TOLLER'S plans to saddle his final runner at Lingfield on Tuesday were thwarted by the type of veterinary problem that illustrates the precarious nature of the career he has pursued for the past 35 years.
The Huddersfield team will face Britannia AFC of Tadcaster in the last four after scoring a 5-2 victory over Toller in the quar ter-finals.
The article is based on an extensive theory-driven empirical study on the use of voluntary agreements in German environmental policy from the 1970s to the mid-2000s, covering both the macro-level and the meso-level, as reflected by 13 in-depth qualitative case studies (Toller 2012a).
Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Chief Investment Officer Abdul Nasser Al-Subeih received a delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce, including COO and Vice President David Chavrin and American Ambassador in Kuwait Mathew Toller, in addition to a number of advisors and representatives of the embassy on the sideline of the delegation's visit to Kuwait.
With likely market rival Infortual possibly in need of the run, Toller might well recognise this as being the best chance she has had of success.