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a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls

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"Once we complete our work, and have the Tollbooth open to the public, I believe it and the Market Cross will be a draw to tourists," he said.
Even tollbooth cashiers get a rose whenever he passes the expressway.
In case the nation plays lackadaisical and does not take immediate action it would taken by a fatal surprise, where residents, numbering over 600, tollbooth operators, hawkers, traders, pedestrians and motorists plying the western corridor would be at risk.
The height of British Airways i360 is half the length of the West Pier, while the visitor centre at its base, including the reconstructed Eugenius Birch-designed 1866 tollbooths and flanking stairs, stretches to the width of Regency Square behind it.
The clamor and outrage has been so bad that the Skyway Corporation has temporarily reverted back to their old method for private vehicles asking only buses and trucks to use the new mid-way tollbooth while they figure out how to make it work.
Respiratory and irritant health effects in tollbooth collectors in Taiwan.
In later years a bell from the old tollbooth, dated 1690, was installed in the town hall to be rung at times of flood or fire.
Using exact toll coupons eliminates the need to cough up the exact amount of cash at the tollbooth.
The vans were slowing down to approach a tollbooth on the A6 highway connecting Paris and Lyon when four cars apparently surrounded them and forced them to stop, a security official said.
THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster: My husband and I watch our grandchildren several days a week, and our almost-11-year-old grandson--a competent reader in his own right--still enjoys being read to.
Voluntary Tollbooth Volunteers from the North Brookfield Sports Booster Club will be at various locations around town, seeking donations for the Booster Club.
On Monday, April 14, the action moves back to Stirling, as international bestseller John Connolly heads to the Tollbooth Theatre, where fellow crime writer Craig Robertson will be grilling him about his latest release, The Wolf in Winter.
This show, created by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Debra Kirschner (The Tollbooth), follows two sisters - Sophie, a stay-at-home mom, and Lisa, a working mom - as they grapple with their choices, their limitations and the unsolicited opinions of strangers.
Summary: A drink driver has been charged by police for grievous bodily harm after attacking a female tollbooth operator in China.