toll taker

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someone employed to collect tolls

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It's just that too many toll takers are so bored, so angry, so heartless in their unwillingness to make any change, that the road backs up and folks go over the median to someplace, anyplace, else.
Toll taker productivity was dramatically increased.
If tolls were eliminated on one side of the bridge and doubled on the other, the same amount of revenue would be collected overall, and delays would be cut by more than 50%, since extra toll takers would be transferred to places on the collection side.
When it's running, the Daniel Matheny V can hold nine cars, parked in three lanes with the help of a toll taker - in this case, Albert Becerra.
Could it be that a few word between the toll taker and the toll payer adds a few seconds to the collection process, thus adding to the inevitable toll both delays?
Pike toll takers have been caught taking advantage of an easy way to pad their pay.
When Don Orsillo drove home the other day, the toll taker on the Mass.
Throughout the holiday period, when and where necessary, we will increase toll taker coverage to meet the increase in cash customers," he said in an e-mail.
The customer would submit the voucher to the toll taker, Ms.
Has even a single overpaid toll taker yet hit the street in search of a new career?
They might indeed miss chatting with toll takers, but when the toll takers are gone, we suspect they'll find other ways to socialize.
Toll takers and the workers in DVD factories are on their way out.
highway toll takers was Lawler's illustration of how in some organizations it make sense to structure the whole organization around talent.
Costs included constructing tollbooths, paying toll takers, and most important, waiting in line at the tollgate.