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a long-distance telephone call at charges above a local rate

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In California, which accounts for $4.3 billion (about one-third) of this country's annual $12 billion local toll call market, there is an especially heated battle going on between the long distance carriers and Baby Bells.
For example, if a customer calls to dispute certain toll calls on her bill, has the bill in front of her, and provides the called number, date, duration and charge for each disputed toll call, the carrier's representative can proceed to address or resolve the matters during the customer's call without requiring a password or other method to authenticate the customer.
When I answer, it's a local call instead of a toll call into voice mail.
Telnet can save users money if they can connect to an Internet provider toll free; using another service might require a toll call.
TOLL-FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: NO, but free support via toll call and e-mail technical support are available.
It has a four-line LCD for name, number, date and time, blocked call, total calls in memory, new message, forwarded call, repeat and toll call. It is available in ivory for a suggested $59.99.
NEA has prepared an action plan to help NEA rural members who must make a toll call to access NEA Online, the new electronic communications network.
Just a toll call to get into die system," said Pam McIntyre, technology agent and information specialist at the NTTC.
Telephone support available at no charge via toll call.
TransTeleCom has so far established seven national toll call offices and four international toll call offices in Moscow, St Petersburg and six other cities.
Customers have previously been charged on a per minute basis, or as an IntraLATA toll call, for calls made between these locations.
The specific information provided during the fax toll call can enable traders to make and accept profitable offers, Halloran adds, and to expand potential markets without adding staff or significant cost for sales.
In certain parts of the country, it was a toll call.
This allows a worker making a toll call to check on messages to hang up if the number rings to indicate no new messages.
Though there is no confirmation on the perpetrators of the airstrike, the toll calls for immediate action by the international community to speed up the UN-sponsored peace process.