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in a tolerant manner


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There are several minor disputes, misdemeanours and offences between individuals that could be resolved tolerantly and forbearingly without escalating the matter and bringing it forward to court.
The awareness of this extra coverage provides a rationale for the Levy Library and NYU HSL to approach small discrepancies between shares and usage tolerantly, especially now in light of our findings regarding surprising pockets of usage outside the medical subjects at both libraries.
63.112) There is also this thing that Cicero wrote to Caerellia, giving a reason why he was able to endure Caesar's dictatorship so tolerantly. "It ought to be borne with either Cato's spirit or with Cicero's stomach." For "stomach" has something akin to a joke to it.
While state land tax is taxpayer focused, with resources allocated to the management of exemptions, concessions and allowances, local government rates are property focused and are far more tolerantly accepted by taxpayers than state land tax." (Mangioni, 2016:346)
Goh added that the people of this city were now "tolerantly waiting" for the Comelec En Banc decision after the recently concluded verification process took the City Comelec nine days to finish which started on February 20.
You just smile tolerantly to yourself and ride on - remembering you, too, were once one of them and can so easily lapse.
All T cells retiring of the thymus and circulating in the body are said tolerantly towards the self.
"The committee, considering the tribal nature of the emirate, is tolerantly dealing with spirit of the law rather than literally and harshly enforcing its articles.
Moreover, in enjoining us to relate to the other on a basis of comparable validity and dialogical equality, dialogical reciprocity entails refraining both from assuming that we already know what the other has to offer by way of insight into the problematic situation and from simply tolerantly listening to what they have to say while dismissing it as irrelevant to our own concerns.
decision-procedure of this kind may help us think more tolerantly about
Coun Townshend said: "Many people refer to Kenilworth Road as one of the most beautiful leading in to the city and I expect our officers to deal with this compassionately and tolerantly."
Instead though, she smiles tolerantly and says: "I'm expecting another boy so I know it can only get noisier!
In a most profound yet subtle way, Abe is pointing us to the fact that our trash has become a part of our natural landscape, with plants tolerantly growing through and around all that we leave behind.
This legal act of toleration by the state authorities led to people (as a rule the majority of the population) being expected to behave tolerantly toward members of religious communities that had previously been oppressed or persecuted." HABERMAS, Jurgen (2003).
Davutoglu in details to this end (on the Syrian crisis) and we hope that our dear friends in Turkey behave tolerantly towards the issue."