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in a tolerant manner


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Judy always did so, with a rush of words that not only was quick, but thorough, starting with his Apgar scores, and the doctors nodded tolerantly while they looked into his ears and throat.
The United States must learn to deal more tolerantly with continued Muslim disillusionment and anti-American violence and more sensitively with Muslim leaders whose policies are convergent with those of the United States.
Pluralism also refers to a religiously, ethnically, and culturally diverse group of people who strive to live tolerantly with one another, and where no single explanatory belief system or, to use the language of postmodernism, no single metanarrative accounts for the phenomena of life.
He looked at me and smiled tolerantly, "I bet you didn't know that the Iranian economy grew faster than the U.
and tolerantly interpret the difficulties away" (Sell, 2000, p.
Pointedly, to be culturally illiterate does not mean that we do not know how to be nice, or at least tolerantly polite, to those with phenotypical features different from our own.
My curiosity regarding their attention to detail in setting the spread must have been annoying, but they tolerantly explained their tactics and enlightened me on every facet of the game.
It might be argued that in order for me to act tolerantly, I should have the power to act on my objection but refrain to do so; it is significant to talk about tolerant conduct.
Kyprianou said opposition parties did anything but act responsibly and tolerantly and only cultivated hatred.
He vowed to act inflexibly and in tolerantly with any future law-breakers.
But any change in the regional status quo would place the Middle East at a strategic crossroads that is not expected to be viewed tolerantly by the U.
All things perish, the most ancient opinions among them, and the philosopher will smile tolerantly at progress and decay, content with the immense variety of character and phenomena.
Even when Tennyson takes the stand against socialists in The Tables Turned, or Nupkins Awakened (1887), Morris treats Tennyson more gently and tolerantly than the Archbishop of Canterbury or Professor Tyndall.
The Turkish parliament speaker said it was now time to turn Jerusalem into a city where people lived next to each other tolerantly.