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a puff of a marijuana or hashish cigarette

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Yesterday the chemical engineer was told her father, 86-yearold Toking Montalban - missing since the storm swept the island - is safe.
But in a letter to friends in the Greek party resort of Malia, where he did bar work last summer, he wrote: "Gonna miss you boys loads, but just think of the high grade I'm gonna be toking on.
Amsterdam's Vesper Bar might be cozy, but it's also known for its cutting edge cocktails--a rarity in a place whose primary means of relxarion involves toking o imbibing.
Californians in 1996 overwhelmingly supported legalizing marijuana for medical patients, but did voters anticipate toking for headaches or anxiety?
The Chester players began the third quarter in deter-mined mood and a fine run by RichardHughes saw him cross the line before quick ball toKing saw him cross the whitewash for 19-7.