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a puff of a marijuana or hashish cigarette

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Dealers were forbidden to engage in unnecessary conversation with casino patrons and were required to treat all patrons equally At the end of each shift, dealers divided their tokes evenly among them.
Mr Tokes had been overweight since he was 11 years old but ballooned after he was badly injured in 2002.
Tokes Adesuyan, prosecuting, said a 12-year-old girl was arrested at an address in South East London on October 28.
Mostly an exercise in enthusiastic wheel-spinning, the collection does provide some good laughs and sly interpersonal observations between tokes and gulps.
Miller S, Bottema C, Stathis PA, Tokes LG, Feldman D.
This is not to criticize the fine jab already done by local dance presenters, but we here in the Bay Area are so isolated from the international touring circuit that it tokes at least three years for new work to appear and make its way west," notes director Wood.
It usually tokes about 200-400 hr to teach someone how to design a mold and now it can be done in about one third of the time," says Andy Routsis, president.
I will do this by looking in detail at the thought of one prominent East European church leader, Laszlo Tokes, a bishop of the Reformed Church in Romania.
Bishop Csiha's message, and his frustration, echoed that of another wellknown Romanian bishop, Lazlo Tokes, who visited Canada in January of this year.
While it con bring short-term gains, in the long term it tokes space on the fixture, which could be used more profitably.
On tour the Force spends as little money as possible; usually only on tokes and snacks.
Injured in a 1983 skiing accident, Imler now knew it was safe to take those few tokes a day, to dramatically reduce the number of his grand mal seizures.
Ceausescu's corrupt regime tumbled and Laszlo Tokes was thrust into the international spotlight.
total veg) as an evening meal because it tokes longer to prepare.