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a small payment made in acknowledgement of an obligation

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Dyster gifted Hamister with a choice downtown property valued at $1.5 million for a token payment of $100,000.
Surely the first step is for academics in African universities to work for a token fee in their universities, to show their patriotism and accept the honour of representing their university as payment; then consultant doctors in African hospitals should work for the same token payment, and accept being remunerated by their work adding prestige to the hospital.
By analogy, for Sunstein and Thaler, motivating people to do something by paying them handsomely is not nudging them; but motivating them to do it through a token payment is a nudge (5).
I am extremely lucky and in no way resent paying a small token payment for this collection.
They pay about $2.50 for what would cost more than $30 in the supermarket, a token payment but one that matters.
Mr Belhaj, who is also is also suing former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and ex-senior MI6 official Sir Mark Allen, is reported saying he wants an apology, an admission of liability and a token payment of '1 from each.
Today, Malaysia calls the token payment "cession," meaning payment made in exchange for the ceding of property rights.
Hockey India also made a one- time token payment of ` 2 lakh each to the 34 living gold medallist -- eight of whom could not be present due to illness or settlement abroad -- but that was not the highlight of the function.
No terms for the deal were publicly released, but reports were that Harman made only a token payment but will take over the non-pension obligations of the magazine, which lost $28.1 million last year and has operational costs of about $160 million annually.
The company received a token payment from Nakheel of dhs500,000 last month.
Arabtec received a token payment from Nakheel of AED500,000 ($136,200) in June.
"In exchange for a token payment of 1 euro we will offer them one of these houses and ask that they undertake to restore them within two years while respecting their original characteristics," said Sgarbi.
"I thought the Establishment would make a token payment but this is like winning the lottery."
Speaking outside his council home in south-west London,Mr Stagg said he expected a token payment, but the award was "like winning the Lottery".
Even if justice is eventually done, it is impossible to compensate people, and sometimes they are not even entitled to a token payment.