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coins of regular issue whose face value is greater than their intrinsic value

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Stephen, who has played for the Welsh senior team since he was 13, said: "The Wish token money would help us with so many things.
The police said Chander Shekhar, a resident of Kharad area, had got a token money amounting to ` 51 lakh from Brar who had expressed interest to buy a land measuring eight kanal in 2011.
His discussion includes only examples of token money created and sustained by the State.
The imposter acting as Mullah Akhtar Mansur also reportedly got millions of dollars from the NATO authorities as token money to distribute it among Taliban 'renegades' or even high-ups.
Focusing on 19th century Britain's interest in growing world trade, he stated that "nothing else but commodity money could serve this end for the obvious reason that token money, whether bank or flat, cannot circulate on foreign soil.
Co-ordinator for Spice, Richard Coulter, said: "Racing for special token money only, there's more chance of Spice members coming away with a laugh than a full piggy bank.
Chairman of the authority, Coun Ray Thomas, said: 'We gave the public pounds 120 of token money to spend on seven policing priorities, which were represented by boxes.
If a token money is destroyed, it has the effect of withdrawing some value from the total value of token money in circulation.
Philip Ison, of Acacia Crescent, Bedworth, collected pounds 35,000 token money printed in his favourite paper by buying dozens of extra copies and getting friends, family, and workmates to collect them as well.
Diminished ratings in daytime have made TV stations unwilling to pay anything but token money to syndicators for untried shows.
This new spirit is first embodied in the ill-fated monetary theory of John Law, which at least gave hope of reinvigorating the economy by moving away from gold to token money based on trust, and Caplan carries this idea over into the theatre of Marivaux, in which the characters look for sincerity rather than appearance, but like financial speculators are prepared to take a risk, albeit that of falling in love.
Third, one of the book's central premises is that the post-World War I abandonment of the gold standard in favor of "token money" in the form of a circulating paper currency is emblematic of a "modernist literature that stakes its aesthetic integrity on the free play of its signifying elements." And finally, the genre of these essays is that of the legal brief: "papers," in this sense, refers to the mounting of significant if not incontrovertible evidence, as in "Pentagon Papers."
A senior official told Dawn that the RCB could not sell the shops at the plaza due to higher demand and higher token money. He said traders were not interested in the commercial plaza due to security concerns.
The two plots both measure 1,066.66 square yards and had token money set for Rs10 million.