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a form of behavior therapy that has been used in some mental institutions

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More about INFT, including the project's Litepaper detailing its token economy model, at
Token economy. Token economy served to help Samuel to derive rules specifying the consequences for not behaving fused with rage after framing it through deictic and hierarchical relations (i.e., "If I don't get angry, I will win a token).
Objective: The purpose of conducting the present study was to determine whether Applied Behavior Analysis implemented through token economy and social reinforcements could successfully address poor hygiene behavior (washing hands before meals) in a psychiatric hospital setting.
Another method is the "token economy system," in which students who behave appropriately or complete tasks are rewarded with tokens they can trade for prizes.
For older children, a "token economy" (star chart) using points, stars, or poker chips is an evidence-based method for behavior change when done correctly.
A token economy system taught self-regulation of maladaptive behaviors and recognition of positive social behavior.
Devika, who hosts the 'Food4Thot' workshops to educate children about the benefits of a healthy diet, explains: "Using a token economy for diet can be helpful to help children develop both the taste and the habit for nourishing food.
ERIC Descriptors: Token Economy; Elementary School Students; Grade 3; Student Behavior; Behavior Modification; Homework; Intervention; Classroom Techniques
The guide includes exercises, and instructions for using token economy incentives, scoring the brainsets' assessments, and keeping a daily activities calendar.
Effects of implementing a token economy on teacher attending behavior.
However, relatively little research has addressed what variables relate to such participation, especially in the presence of a token economy. This study addressed these concerns.
Restricting fluids to 2 to 3 liters a day combined with "a token economy"--a method of positive reinforcement to increase desired behavior--has been used to successfully treat the disorder.
Simple techniques such as Token Economy, Shaping and Modeling, to complex methods such as Aversion Therapy, Flooding, Implosion Therapy and Systematic Desensitization are treated in detail with meticulous professional care.