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a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research

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In the federal fusion energy science budget for fiscal year 2015, the lion's share of funding is directed toward a single fusion concept--the tokamak. Combined with the $150 million allocated to the ITER tokamak program, the total funding for tokamak-specific R&D amounts to $361 million.
In this paper, an infinite dimensional feedback controller is obtained for the optimal tracking problem arising in the flattop phase of plasma discharges in a tokamak. Our method avoids discretizing the process model into lumped parameter systems (i.e., ODEs) but directly uses infinite dimensional LQ control method to synthesize a feedback controller.
The one-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau type perturbed diffusion equations for the density of the plasma and the radial electric field near the plasma edge in Tokamak can be written as
The MAST (mega amp spherical tokamak) is the UK's fusion energy experiment, based at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy.
As it is currently proposed, the compact ignition Tokamak (CIT) is not likely to demonstrate a burning plasma.
A tokamak is basically a ball of plasma which is compressed by a magnetic field in order to bring about the conditions required for fusion.
Alcator C-Mod is a tokamak - a doughnut-shaped device that can contain high-energy, plasma produced using relatively low and inexpensive magnetic fields.
Iran began building an experimental nuclear fusion reactor in July 2010 and now has three small tokamak machines and is building a fourth, Coblentz added.
However, decades ago the world fusion community decided that the most promising magnetic approach was the tokamak plasma confinement concept in which superconducting magnets are used to hold hot fusion plasma in a toroidal (donut) configuration.
Tokamak Energy, a small company in the UK, which evolved from the Culham Laboratory, has built and is operating the first tokamak in the world using all high temperature superconducting magnets.
MAST, the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak, (Tokamak is a donut shaped magnetic plasma confinement system) is the UK's own fusion machine, whereas JET, the Joint European Torus, is the world's largest fusion machine.
Fusion research company Tokamak Solutions has worked with partners at Oxford Instruments, the Czech Technical University and the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague to use high temperature superconducting magnets on a tokamak for the first time.
The Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production is an ambitious programme to accelerate the delivery of sustainable fusion energy