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a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research

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In an attempt to provide a real scientific breakthrough in the industry, Tokamak Energy, at just six years old, has been championing a need to build smaller reactors faster, and turned to high-spec vessel specialists LTi for assistance with its vessel development.
Four-fifths of this energy is carried out of the plasma by the neutron, which is captured outside the inner vacuum vessel of the tokamak.
As for the article, Hirsch complains that the tokamak uses technologies that have been known to fail sometimes in other applications, notes that the ITER tokamak presently under construction is more expensive than a conventional light-water nuclear reactor that can be bought today, and concludes with a clarion call for setting a new path in fusion research (without any specifics except that it lead to an economical reactor).
Valores algo inferiores a estos estan presentes en los actuales grandes Tokamak.
Along with NSTX--a complementary experiment at Princeton University--MAST is one of the world's two leading spherical tokamaks (STs).
which demonstrated a dramatic reduction of the divertor heat flux in the tokamak with high power densities; and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
Researchers will try to reach at least 10 million watts before the TFTR is shut down and dismantled, an operation scheduled to start at the end of September to make way for an advanced fusion reactor known as the Tokamak Physics Experiment.
While scientists have created controlled fusion reactions in small-scale experiments, tritium and deuterium, the optimum hydrogen fuels, have not yet been tested in a large Tokamak.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Painting and coating for the tokamak complex
The MIT team at the Alcator C-Mod tokamak nuclear fusion reactor set a new world record for plasma pressure at 2.
Tokamak Energy, which is working on nuclear fusion, is one of the first five companies to receive support from the institution's Stephenson Fund.
However, decades ago the world fusion community decided that the most promising magnetic approach was the tokamak plasma confinement concept in which superconducting magnets are used to hold hot fusion plasma in a toroidal (donut) configuration.
Tokamak Energy, a small company in the UK, which evolved from the Culham Laboratory, has built and is operating the first tokamak in the world using all high temperature superconducting magnets.
Spitzer's design was abandoned in favor of a less stable but easier to model design known as the tokamak because the stellarator required intensive 3-D simulations to determine the optimal shapes of the coils that created the magnetic field to confine the plasma.