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characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion

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Heyward perceived, in truth, that the younger Indian had thrown his form on the side of the hillock while they were talking, like one who sought to make the most of the time allotted to rest, and that his example had been followed by David, whose voice literally "clove to his jaws," with the fever of his wound, heightened, as it was, by their toilsome march.
The boats now continued their slow and toilsome course for several days, against the current of the river.
It was Norwood's late winner at Wembley one year ago that sent Rovers back into the Football League after three toilsome seasons spent in the National League.
Hiking the last mile in dark timber, the task was rather toilsome. Almost to camp, I somehow managed to gouge my left eye with an unforeseen limb.
So my heart began to despair over all my toilsome labor under the sun.
If the super AI can handle themselves by doing every job on this planet, we don't need to put up our tie every single morning and do all the toilsome tasks that our overbearing bosses subjugate us to do.
It is worth to mentioning that the preceding lines in "The Humble-Bee" overtly dismiss the toilsome journey of crossing the sea, a prevalent phenomenon in Dickinson's days, "Let them sail for Porto Rique, / Far-off heats through sea to seek" (Emerson, Poems 31).
In their opinion, the main causes generating that situation are the rigid and toilsome recruitment procedures, the selection based on candidates' seniority and education, and not on the evaluation of their competences, the budgetary restrictions, and the lack of financial incentives.
Those virtues are particularly toilsome and challenging to maintain in the face of the many pressures upon the profession, upon scholarly and society publishing, and upon the individuals who read, write for, and edit the journal.
So why they should take such a toilsome conduit in obtaining a business degree they do not long for.
"We would rather, o, Virgin, love silence for it is harmless, than to compose hymns with great ardour, which is toilsome. But, o, Mother, as much as you please, give us too this strength!" (Theognostus 2017: 107).
European languages usually possess two terms for work, one for its toilsome and one for it creative aspects.
Is its content given us by deduction from unalterable premises, or by a toilsome process of induction from circumstances of time and place?
PAF has also embarked upon a toilsome but rewarding effort in shape of Aviation City and a well-crafted Aerospace and Aviation Campus of Air University to prove the much needed industry-academia linkage for economic prosperity of the country through indigenization and self-reliance."