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Synonyms for toiling

doing arduous or unpleasant work

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(van Beek et al., 2012) They have a powerful appetite for work as they only feel reliable when toiling and perfectly well, whereas work engagers are toiling as they like work (workaholics are stimulated by an uncontrollable internal urge they cannot resist).
That group were always toiling in the wake of the far side pack, however, with Camerooney taking them along before Taqleed made his challenge.
"This generous act of donating money, time and effort to put a smile on the faces of those toiling in the heat, is truly commendable!
Yet the average child worker is not a Dickensian tot toiling in a sweatshop but a child working alongside a parent on a farm or in the underground economy to help feed, shelter and clothe the family.
C&W helped set up temporary living facilities to the workers who were toiling at the center around the clock and helped patch its roof, which was damaged during the hurricane.
Half of those questioned by software firm MYOB spent up to three hours a week on accounts administration, with one in 20 toiling for more than eight hours to sort out their finances.
INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- After toiling for Ernst and Young for three years and then as a controller for two more, CPA Troy Patton decided it Troy Patton, CPA was time to leave Indianapolis, IN the rat race and get out on his own.
On campuses across America students are toiling away in media studies departments and TV studios, producing their own news shows, dating games and comedy sketches.
THIS NEW YORK-BASED QUINTET is currently without a record label, manager, publicist, or booking agent--pretty much like any other toiling underground band.
After decades of toiling in back rooms of R&D centers--much like albino rats awaiting their fate inside basement labs of psychology departments--nanotechnology emerged publicly a few years ago.
The Dens Park midfielder has been toiling with an Achilles injury since representing Scotland's Under-20s against Portugal last month.
Tell that to the birds, or the tired shop assistant, the foundry worker or the poor columnist toiling in her garret by candlelight just to earn a crust.
Having not won since the opening day of the season, the mid Wales men were always on the back foot after toiling to 119 all out with the innings clouded by a couple of controversial umpiring decisions.
Subsequent interventions have been stripped out--for instance, the existing upper floor has been cut back to form a reading balcony around the perimeter, giving views out over the scholars toiling below.